The freshness of the expression is reflected in the skin, various external and internal agents may cause a temporary deterioration, which can be countered with specific treatments according to every case, skin type and the particular needs of each skin in particular. That’s why we recommend regular visits to a professional who can tell with certainty the needs of our skin and the right treatment for you to regain your health and freshness.

Treatments according to skin conditions:

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Normal desquamation of the epidermis, natural sebum, and the smog of the environment, makes extremely necessary to have a proper hygiene of our skin, which is not achieved only with the daily cleansing. Therefore it is important to perform at least once a month, a deep cleaning done by a professional.

This treatment not only thins the stratum corneum, but also removes all kinds of impurities such as comedones or blackheads, pimples, seborrheic filaments, specifically treating papules, pustules and millium, if any.

The result is an oxygenated skin with a better appearance, more hydration and elasticity, resulting in brightness and vitality.

Treatment: Once a month in normal skins.

Proper hydration of the stratum corneum is responsible for the epidermis appearance.

Constant and deep hydration of tissues depends on the contained water in the lymph present in the interstices of the lacunar layer, which allows the replacement of the moisture lost by the effect of external agents.

Due to climatic factors, stress, or improper care and long exposure to the sun, the ceramides of the base of the stratum corneum are destroyed, causing fissures between the corneum cells. The skin becomes dry and wrinkled, because it erodes their ability to secure water.

The deep hydration through heat, massage and electricity, as well as the application of active substances can stimulate the formation of tissue fluid, balancing the hydration of our skin.

The solution to skin aging problem, and prevention of dermo-esthetique disorders, is to achieve optimal hydration of the epidermis.

Frequency: 4 to 6 sessions once a week.

Aging is a biological, unavoidable and progressive process that starts at the very moment of conception.

Cutaneous manifestations of aging may be more or less early, as endogenous or exogenous factors involved such as diseases, heredity, diet, medications, stress, climate, hygienic care, cigarettes, etc.

The manifestations of aging are the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, grooves, dehydration, age spots and warts.

Through facial recovering ( a massage that includes the application of specific active principles) we proceed to revitalize aging skin and withered increasing microcirculation and reactivating all the metabolic processes of the skin.

Frequency: 4 to 6 sessions once a week.

Acne is an inflammatory and infectious manifestation, installed in seborrheic predisposition skins, in response to hormonal problems or nerves, intestinal fermentation, considering also the genetic factor.

The action of glycolic acid on the acneic skin is very beneficial, because it eliminates the agglomeration of keratin cells in the corneum layer of the follicular canal.

So this will achieve:
- Prevent the formation of comedones.
- Help treating pustules.
- Soften the attachment of keratin cells to facilitate the extraction.
- To improve the penetration of active ingredients.

Glycolic acid is less irritating than other acids and it can be used on acneic inflammation without aggravating it.

The skin is an organ that is constantly growing and renewing itself.

Each cell has a lifespan of 28 days from birth to death, and becomes part of the stratum corneum, thickening its walls with a protein called keratin.

With exfoliation we can accelerate the cell renewal process, achieving an increase of permeability in our skin and improving its metabolism, resulting in a better texture, smooth, shiny, natural and healthy, moisturized look, better flexibility of the stratum corneum, decreased formation of comedones and wrinkles and also by thinning, and increased collagen itself, enhanced skin elasticity.

Glycolic acid is applied to aesthetic problems such as skin aging, photoaging, actinic spots, acne and its aftermath, dry and oily skin and as an exfoliant.

Frequency: 6 to 10 sessions, once or twice a week, resting 20 to 30 days and resuming treatment. Although glycolic acid is not photosensitizing, the best time to do it is between April and September.


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