Monica Brenta

Mónica Brenta

On August 15,1967, the name of the center changed to "Monica Brenta" in honor of her first grandchild, opening the branch that today serves on the Santa Fe Avenue. In the '70s her son Joaquín was born, current president of the company "Monica Brenta", and together they open a new branch in Sarmiento St. Beginning the inquiries from the Ministry of Health to support the MB wax. The procedure is issued in the late 80s leaving the depilatory MB wax finally approved under No. 11323/86-3, initiating industrial production in their own laboratory.


The story goes back to 1930, when Mrs. Carmen Brenta initiated the first steps in hair removal.

Everything at the beginning was very craft and handmade, the products were purchased in drugstores and mixed at home, so it could not ensure a correct mixture or a wax free of impurities as we get today. Thus began, Carmen and her sister Mary waxing the Spanish royalty in Madrid.

No other record is known, as presumed they were the forerunners of the Spanish hair removal system. In the early 50's, Carmen arrives to Argentina waxing for the first time on Argentine territory the wife of a naval captain with his own wax. She only waxed her armpits.

Carmen Installed her first hair salon in the 512 Salta Street, called "Hairstyles Madrid", which later moved to Rodríguez Peña St.


The advances that have happened in the manufacture of wax are many, starting with the initial process, slow and dangerous at first. Now has a laboratory enabled in a strictly industrial place, where is the manufacture and storage of the finished product. Both manufacturing standards and hygiene rules in the process have been improved with advances in technology. The raw material is pure bees wax acquired directly from the producer.

The future

Our career is a challenge, always thinking of renovating and opening new branches, improve our customer service, implement new products. It keeps us active constantly to achieve and renew our objectives.

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