Hands are one of the most expressive parts of the body, next in importance to face. As to the ability of expression and sensitivity. Beauty and smoothness can be maintained through various and varied professional skills.

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The beautification is performed in the nails treatment, which should have a regular aesthetic shape in both hands and in the treatment of the cuticles and exfoliation of skin, removing the dead cells that surround the nail.

After this whole procedure, a glaze, either color or transparent, is applied. This will help strengthen the nail keratin.

This method is one of the fastest for the beautification of the nail.

It consists in the application of an acrylic nail that sticks on about half of the natural nail and then is finished with the normal beautification treatment, needs no further requirements.

This treatment is indicated for neglected or thick hands, both by constitution and deformations produced by manual labor.

Skin is deeply nourished through a bath of collagen, improving skin texture and recovering components to look smooth and soft.

It is highly recommended by doctors in cases of arthritis and / or osteoarthritis.


Health and beauty of the feet are important to feel good and elegant.
Pedicure and foot care provide health and beauty in the feet, as well as other techniques that favor not only the health of the feet but the entire body such as the ancient oriental art of Reflexology.

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It consists on the beautification of the foot to make it look even more delicate in those shoes that allow display their beauty.

The beautification and treatment of nails, cuticles exfoliation, and the addition of a glazed look in nails allow showing the foot with elegance.

Our feet often suffer some alterations caused by footwear. The most common are hardness that are usually formed in the heel and soles and calluses caused by the rubbing of the shoe, the bump that it forms increases the pressure on the healthy tissue causing twinges truly painful.

The regular exfoliation of hardness and calluses not only maintains the healthy and esthetic state of the feet, it also avoid aches and pains that these common conditions may cause.

Maintain the healthy state of the feet generates an harmonic walk; otherwise it can generate other disorders and pains that are suffered in other body parts like legs and hips.

Swollen feet usually come after a long walk or a long hours standing.

A paraffin treatment is ideal to relax your feet, decompressing joints and deeply moisturizing the skin. A collagen bath provides moisture and essential nutrients to your skin to look smooth and Healthy.

It is a natural therapy complementary to other therapies, is made with natural techniques.

It is recommended in cases of headaches, insomnia, joint pain, depression and anxiety. It promotes relaxation and reduces the stress which is the main cause of the health imbalance in our body.