Massages provide different health benefits depending on the implementation of the different techniques.

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Massage acts primarily on four points: muscles, blood circulation, feet and the nervous system.

Through compression massages in areas that offer contractures, both muscles and joint areas are distended, achieving a state of relief and flexibility. Contractures can be caused by stress, job posture or simply be of nervous origin, after the massage the patient feels comforted and relieved of annoying aches.

Lymphatic drainage is a manual massage technique that contributes to the effective functioning of the lymphatic system, responsible for water balance and maintenance of the good condition of the tissue by removing harmful elements

Through gentle spiral movements an intensive massage is made on the centers of lymph nodes; through these drainage movements, waste is eliminated and cell production increases promoting the reconstruction of tissues, improving skin appearance and avoiding cellular aging.

Ideal for treating cellulite. It can be complemented with cold bandages for a modeler and more effective treatment.

This technique is used mostly as a modeler, providing greater fluid removal and reaffirming the treatment areas.

It consists of using hot and cold stone for deep massages.

It combines through a modern technique, ancient knowledge of geotherapy, thermotherapy and Massotherapy, getting, thanks to the obtained synergy, organic and physiologic reactions with higher profit.

The temperature is adapted to each case and the stones slide along the muscle transmitting energy that relaxes the inner strength.

The stones alternate with sedative and energizing responses of the body.

The heat from the stones relaxes the muscles allowing the reaching of the points of maximum stress, the further contrast with the cold stones stimulates circulation releasing the area from tension.

Improve our organic functions
Recovers Energy
Eliminates Stress
Harmonizes the body, mind and spirit
Balances thenervoussystem